About us

Efaktor was started by Alf Martin Johnsen in 2004 in Lillehammer. He was part of the day-to-day operations until December 2023, when he retired. Together with his wife, Ingrid, he is still the owner of the company and chairman of the board.

Efaktor became a certified Moodle Partner in 2012 for Norway and also covered Denmark from 2013 to 2016. Our experience with online learning stretches back almost 20 years, and in this time we have seen rapid development in technology and how to use mobile devices in learning. In 2020 we became a certified Moodle Premium partner and we are also certified with ISO 9001:2015. From February 1st 2024, we also became a certified Moodle Premium partner in Bulgaria. 

As a Moodle Premium Partner, we are specialists in Moodle and Workplace and technologies for online learning, and are therefore well prepared for tomorrow's expectations from our clients.

Our services cover all our clients' needs for getting started with their own LMS. We offer hosting, development and integrations, training, course development, design, as well as support and counseling.

  • Vigdis Løvås
  • Anita Bjerke
    Operations manager
  • Stanislav Vasilev
    IT-manager and developer
  • Eivind Tore Hansen
    Support technician
  • Arild Byre
    Sales manager
  • Kristin Skarbøvik
    Client owner
  • Nathalie Bjerke
    Design lead
  • Ventsislav Vangelov
    Senior developer
  • Morten Gundersen
    IT technician