Our services

Efaktor strive to give their clients all the tools they need to create a hub for online learning, with Moodle as a provider. Our talented team, spanning two countries, offer a range of services, including hosting, development, training, course development and design, as well as consulting.

As a certified Moodle Premium partner we guarantee the best service possible as we help our clients reach their goals.

Development and integration

Efaktor can refer to many development and integration jobs we have done for our clients. We set up Single Sign On, FEIDE ID porten, Microsoft/Google login, VIPPS, connection to external databases, etc. We can also integrate external CRM/ERP systems and other solutions that will receive information from Moodle.

Our developers can develop extended and new functions on request. We create the whatever you need.

Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you.

Course development

If you need help with course production, we are happy to help you. You will then receive assistance with educational preparation of content, presentation and a practical implementation plan for the courses.

Efaktor has educators who have extensive experience in adapting e-learning courses, and can give good advice on how this can best be done. We can contribute with content production, translation and developing courses in both Moodle and Articulate.

Do you want training in developing courses yourself? We also offer courses in course development, preferably together with online pedagogy and universal design so that you are best equipped to create courses that achieve the goals you have set.

Online pedagogy

In order for e-learning to produce the desired result for the participant and for the organization as a whole, we must create e-learning courses that promote good learning situations. With some insight into principles and tools for online pedagogy, the path to the goal becomes clearer and the chance of "hitting the mark" increases.

We can assist with training in online pedagogy and adapt it to your needs. It can be anything from physical workshops to shorter online sessions. We can also assist with tips and feedback when you are in a specific course production process.


Many people want their own design on the learning platform. Efaktor can both create its own tailor-made designs or adapt a standard design to your profile. A custom design is in most cases the best as it is quick and easy to set up and maintain. If you have advanced design needs, we have our own web designer/developer who hardly puts any limitations on what we can deliver.


When you have ordered the Moodle LMS, we ensure that you are trained on how to use the tool you have received. Four hours of administrator training is included in our establishment costs and we also offer more if desired.

You choose whether the course is to be conducted digitally or on site.

In addition to the actual setup of Moodle, we also offer training in Course development, Online pedagogy and Universal design. All are offered both digitally and on site, depending on what the client needs. Get in touch for an offer!


We offer support for all our services. By default, all clients have general support access through our support agreement.

Efaktor has many both small and large clients, and we are proud that many of them praise us for our quick and good responses to inquiries. We get to know our clients well over many years of cooperation. Therefore, we get a good overview of their needs and how we can help everyone in the best way.

If there is a greater need, we draw up a separate support agreement adapted to the individual client.

All support inquiries are entered into our support system at support.efaktor.no or sent by e-mail to support@efaktor.no. You will then be kept up-to-date on your inquiry until it has been processed.


Efaktor offers hosting of Moodle with several different package solutions depending on how much storage capacity and functionality the portal should have. We set up your Moodle for everything from e.g. 50 users to a larger solution with capacity for hundreds of thousands of users.

If the need changes over time, you can also upgrade to another one of our packages with more functionality over time.

SAs standard, all data is stored in one of our two server parks in Oslo. Clients who specifically request AWS (from Amazon) have their data stored in Stockholm.

Get in touch and get an offer based on your needs.


Efaktor specializes in e-learning and we strive to find the right solution for you. This can either be in the form of a traditional LMS or a more intricate solution with links to other systems you already have.

We help you get started, creating an overview of what will be the best solution for you. Big or small, we will find the best combination for you.


Efaktor is a Norwegian Moodle Premium partner and offers various solutions with Moodle as LMS. Moodle is the world's most used LMS with well over 270 million users worldwide.

If you have a Moodle site through us, you will have a reliable LMS with 99.5% guaranteed uptime. In addition, you of course get full access to all Moodle's functions, as well as approved additional modules. (Depending on Basic, Plus or Premium).